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Integrator Visualizer

By Rin Tepis


Initial Conditions:

You can also click on the graph to set initial conditions.

Time Steps:

Evaluate At:

t = 0


Analytical Integrator (Ground Truth)

Analytical solution is provided by sympy's dsolve. A solution may not always be available. (If this is stuck, you might need to manually disable this integrator and press the "Restart Web Worker" button on the bottom.)

Status: Idle

Explicit Euler Integrator

Status: Idle

Midpoint Integrator

Status: Idle

RK4 Integrator

Status: Idle

Implicit Euler Integrator

Partial derivatives and matrices inverses are computed by sympy.

Status: Idle



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    This program uses a Web Worker (essentially a separate thread) to run a fully emulated Python environment, as JavaScript ecosystem lacks libraries that are suitable for scientific computations. Unfortunately, due to technical limitations, I cannot terminate a python computation from the main thread without restarting the entire Web Worker. Therefore, if the Python environment is stuck (for example, when evaluating an impossible integral, and for some reason sympy cannot tell that it is incapable of solving it), you have to manually press the "Restart Web Worker" button below.

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